Choosing Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

Intensive outpatient drug treatment allows people who have an addiction to drugs, the chance to recover from the addiction and work on creating a better life for themselves and for their families. These kinds of programs help to develop life skills that can help them maintain their sobriety and provide a good support system. A lot of people know more about the residential drug rehabilitation facilities than the intensive outpatient drug treatments. It is good to learn about them both because each person is different and one treatment may certainly be better than another one for them.




Probably the biggest difference between the two treatments is that in residential treatment programs, patients are required to live on site and are not allowed to leave while in outpatient programs, they are can leave each day when it is over. Both are still very effective treatments because they both offer assistance through detoxing and counseling. One just lets people have more freedom than the other and some people cannot handle that while trying to recover. Some people need more structure than others.




There is a common misconception that residential programs are more effective but this holds no validity at all. They both help get patients sober and keep them that way. They just approach it differently.


Communicate Feelings


Outpatient programs give individuals a chance to safely talk about their addiction in a comfortable environment. They usually feel safe discussing this topic in front of everyone because everyone has similar problems. With this, they are able to talk about things that they might not get to share with other people.


The First Step


Discussing the various problems in their lives is usually the first step to any recovery. This allows them to let things out instead of bottling things up inside. By doing this, they are able to build strong bonds with each other.


Time and Dedication


This treatment requires a little bit of time and dedication but as long as people are willing to work hard, it can lead the way to successful recovery. It can take up to thirty days for a person obtain sobriety and they need to be at every meeting and really stay committed.




This kind of program allows for a bit more freedom than the other so people must take a bit more responsibility for they own recovery. They are still allowed to go to work and do other things during the day but in the morning or in the afternoon, they have to make sure that they are in the meetings. It is up to them concerning how fast they recover.


Exposure and Response Prevention | Intensive Outpatient Program


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